Duchess Grey Black Tea

Duchess Grey Black Tea

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Product Description

Have you met the lady of the house? Enjoy a lighter shade of Grey with a hint of familiar bergamot and a fresh, lemony zing. Accented with huge sunflower petals, Duchess Grey is dressed to impress. 

Insider Tip: Bergamot oil has been linked with mood boosting effects that can help when you're needing a pick-me-up. According to lore, the original Earl Grey (named for the Earl of Grey) blend was thought to make women in society 'too willful', so they created this lower bergamot blend (named for the Lady of Grey). 

Caffeine Level: Medium/High.

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Early Grey is one of the most well-known tea blends in the world. It’s signature flavor is owed to the addition of bergamot, a small citrus that is something between an orange and a lemon. Every Earl Grey blend is unique to the maker; you’ll find ours has a touch of jasmine in it! Try all the varieties of Earl Grey and discover a new favorite. 

Ingredients: Black tea, natural flavor, mallow petals and marigold petals.