Strawberry-Goji Oolong Tea

Strawberry-Goji Oolong Tea

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Product Description

A first at The Tea Smith! We are picky about our oolong, so we shy away from flavored ones. However, we found this Strawberry-Goji Oolong to be so delightful, we had to share it with you!

Insider Tip:This is a rolled oolong. Try it at different steeping times to pull out different flavor profiles. Tell us what works best for you!

Caffeine Level: Medium.

Learn More:

Oolong teas are commonly known as partially oxidize, because the oxidation allowed in processing varies between that of a green tea and that of a black. Varying between 30-70% oxidation, oolongs are produce into two main varieties: a darker, open-leafed style (such as our Dark Goddess), and a greener, rolled-ball style (such as our Jade Oolong). Darker oolongs tend to have a soft, fruity character with undertones of stone fruit. Greener oolongs offer a more green infusion with a more floral character.