Matcha Harmony - Organic Japanese Green Tea

Matcha Harmony - Organic Japanese Green Tea

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Essential to the Japanese tea ceremony, cha-no-yu, matcha is a powdered tea made from Tencha. Use one scant teaspoon per cup and whisk like crazy! This may well become essential to your tea collection as well.

Insider Tip: We highly recommend a bamboo whisk to create a really nice froth! While we also recommend a matcha bowl, you can use any vessel you have handy, just be sure to warm it! If you want to make a latte or use matcha for cooking, use our Culinary Matcha

Caffeine Level: High.

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Matcha should be prepared with water that is 180 degrees - any hotter will burn the tea and make it bitter. Warm your vessel before whisking, too, to keep the matcha warm. Using a bamboo whisk, whisk together a teaspoon of matcha and 8oz of water. Use a 'w' shape when whisking to get a good froth. Matcha does not dissolve in water, it suspends, so some settling may occur when consumed slowly. Just give it a swirl and enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic green tea from Japan.