Keemun 1st Grade Chinese Black Tea

Keemun 1st Grade Chinese Black Tea

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Product Description

Keemun's liquor has a fruity/malty taste with a lingering toasty note. The leaf is small, dark and twisted, like a favorite novel.

Insider Tip: This tea is a base in many of our favorite blends. If you like a good breakfast tea, chances are you'll love our Keemun!

Caffeine Level: High.

Learn More:

First produced in the last 1800s, Keemun is grown exclusively in the Anhui province in China, using methods adapted from growers in the Fujian Province. Often used as a blending base for other teas, Keemun undergoes a slow withering and oxidation process, which help develop the aromas of stone fruit and slight smokiness. There is a slight maltiness, but the body is smooth and non-astringent, allowing more floral flavors come through. 

Ingredients: Black tea from China.