Healthy Harmony Herbal Tea

Healthy Harmony Herbal Tea

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Product Description

Robust flavors of elderberry and ginger are paired with lemonbalm, echinacea and the mellowing sweetness of licorice root. Whether you are in the peak of health or feeling less than your best, this is the herbal infusion for you.

Insider Tip: This tea is hand blended is made in small batches using almost entirely organic ingredients! A custom creation, you won't find this tea anywhere else. 

Caffeine Level: None.

Learn More:

Herbals tea blends have long been used as holistic alternatives to traditional medicine or as an at-home remedy for minor coughs, colds, aches, and pains. From the soothing sweetness of licorice root to the sedative effects of chamomile, the immune boosting echinacea, or the cold-fighting bite of ginger, the range of applications and uses of different herbs is wide and long and largely clinically unproven. However, a hot cuppa is always a good balm for what ails ya! Do your research and see what works for you. Our blends have been beneficial for us, which is why we offer them to you! 

Ingredients: Organic elderberry, organic echinacea, organic ginger, organic lemon balm, licorice root, organic raisin, organic hibiscus and natural flavors.