Genmaicha Extra with Matcha Japanese Green Tea

Genmaicha Extra with Matcha Japanese Green Tea

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Product Description

One of our favorite teas from Japan. Traditional Genmaicha made with Bancha and toasted rice gets an extra lift with the addition of Matcha. The sweetness of the matcha makes a great contrast to the toasted flavor of the rice. A real treat for Japanese tea lovers!

Insider Tip: If you want an extra kick, try adding a bit more culinary grade matcha! The matcha will settle, so give your cuppa a swirl before drinking.

Caffeine Level: Low.

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Genmaicha is a blend of Bancha (lower grade Sencha) green tea and toasted rice. Often referred to as 'popcorn tea', because of the popped rice you find in the blend, it was originally blended to thin out traditional Sencha green tea, making it go further and lowering the price in times of economic hardship and low tea supplies. The infusion has a pale yellow/green color and the roasted flavor of the brown rice give a savory quality to the tea, reminiscent of nuts. Because of this savory quality, this tea is often consumed by tea lovers who are fasting.

Ingredients: Green tea from Japan and toasted rice.