Fireside Chat Black Tea

Fireside Chat Black Tea

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Product Description

A Winter seasonal favorite, this tea is a fragrant and tasty blend of black teas, citrus, spice, and vanilla. *New* in 2017, we've revamped this blend to have a much more pronounced spice, full body, and subtle sweetness. Hand blended in small batches, this blend is a colorful blend of high-quality ingredients from around the world.

Insider Tip: If you loved Fireside in the past, we think you'll love this new blend - it has everything you loved, just more of it! If the old blend left you lacking, we understand - we thought it could be elevated and we're really satisfied with this new blend. Give it a try on your next order!

Caffeine Level: Moderate/High.

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Teas can be flavored a number of ways, through the inclusion of ingredients - such as flowers, nuts, or berries, the addition of oils or extracts - such as citrus or vanilla, or by using artificial flavors. After being added to a base tea, these ingredients are blended together in a number of ways, either in large batches in a blending machine or in small batches by hand. Some teas are flavored through their processes, such as Lapsang Souchong, which is smoked over pine fires during drying. 

At The Tea Smith, we pride ourselves in blending many of our teas by hand, carefully calculating our blends, and selecting only the best teas and the best ingredients to be used in our collection.

Ingredients: Black tea, orange peel, cloves, vanilla beans, rose petal, natural flavoring