China Breakfast - Organic Black Tea

China Breakfast - Organic Black Tea

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Product Description

A new twist on breakfast! The roasty nose of a black Yunnan makes this a remarkable tea while remaining familiar and comforting. Organic to boost, this breakfst tea is a touch sweet and smooth, while still having the rich, maltiness you look for in a breakfast tea.

Insider Tip: Try several breakfast teas together to find your favorite! We make a breakfast tea sampler so you can taste them all and compare the flavors. Call us to order!

Caffeine Level: Medium/High.

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Breakfast Tea blends are combinations of black teas from China, India, Sri Lanka, and even Kenya. While English and Irish Breakfast Teas are the most well-known, every producer blends their teas differently, so no two blends are the same! What is consistent, though, is a strong brew, often malty, sometimes sweet, and great with a dash of milk and sugar, perfect for pairing with your favorite breakfast nosh. Check out our Himalayan Sunrise for a real treat a blend of Assam and Darjeeling!

Ingredients: Organic black tea from China.