Ceylon Star Black Tea

Ceylon Star Black Tea

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Product Description

This jewel of a tea from Sri Lanka makes a classic flavor that is smooth, crisp and familiar. Ceylon Star has a rich, dark color, clear body and a smaller leaf than many Ceylon teas. Enjoy this Ceylon tea during the day in the sun, and in the evening under the stars.

Insider Tip: Ceylon is our recommendation for those just getting into tea and looking for that 'classic black tea' flavor! It is fabulous iced.

Caffeine Level: Medium/High.

Learn More:

A fairly young tea, Ceylon has been produced for just over 150 years. Now known as Sri Lanka, Ceylon was a British colony that grew primarily coffee. In the 1860s a Scotsman named James Taylor was selected by an estate endeavoring to grow tea. Transporting tea plants from Assam, they were able to grow and harvest tea for the first time and by the mid-1870s were selling handmade teas as far away as London. 

After disease wiped out all the coffee plants in Ceylon, tea plantations really took root and Sri Lanka, production growing from 23 pounds per year to over 23 tons! Thomas Lipton (founder of Lipton Tea) began gardens here and produced tea for what became one of the most famous tea brands ever.  

A unique drying process gives Ceylon its distinct flavor and it is widely used as a blending tea, providing a strong base tea for many flavored blends. You will find it in many of our breakfast teas and flavored blends, too! 

Ingredients: Black tea from Sri Lanka.