Bright Berry Fruit Tisane Tea

Bright Berry Fruit Tisane Tea

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Product Description

Organic berries and hibiscus combine to make a refreshing brew that is great hot or iced! The infusion is a brilliant, deep pink that is as beautiful as the hibiscus flower itself. While the hibiscus imparts a strong, tart flavor, the berries offer balance and a touch of sweetness. Try this tea for a no-calorie alternative to juice. 

Insider Tip:  It also makes a great cocktail base or syrup for ice cream! Brew it extra strong so the flavor will stand up to your add-in. Did you know hibiscus is naturally high in vitamin-C? Cold brew this tisane to preserve the vitamin-C and enjoy a healthy boost to your favorite infusion!

Caffeine Level: None.

Learn More:

The word Tisane comes from the French Tisane (Tee-Zahn) which derives from the Latin word Ptisana which literally means 'barley water'. Tisanes are technically NOT teas, since they do not contain leaves of the Camelia Sinensis, thus we consider them herbal blends. Tisanes were consumed in ancient Egypt and China as medicinal tonics. Tinsanes contain no caffeine and their ingredients can range from roots, leaves, berries, and fruits. They can be either steeped in water (best for flowers and leaves) or simmered in water (best for roots and barks to release their flavors/benefits).

Ingredients: Organic elderberry, organic raisins, organic hibiscus, and natural flavors.