Assam - Khongea Golden Bud Indian Black Tea

Assam - Khongea Golden Bud Indian Black Tea

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Product Description

Teas from the Khongea Estate are known for their rich flavor and excellent leaf quality.We first introduced this in 2007 and it quickly sold out. This tea features a full smooth taste, with an earthy hint and a touch of maltiness for which Assams are known.

Insider Tip: Assam makes a perfect morning tea and pairs well with milk! Try our Assam and our Assam Khongea Golden Bud next to each other to discover the real differences.

Caffeine Level: Medium/High

Learn More:

Assam borders Bangladesh and Myanmar and lies in the northeastern tip of India, just south of China. Due to the high precipitation and tropical climate, growers in Assam enjoy a long production season, making it the second largest commercial tea producing region in the world (next to China). Tea in Assam is grown in low altitudes and is known for its strong, malty flavor. Second flush (picking) Assams have more golden tips, giving it a sweeter flavor, and are more prized than first flush Assams.

Ingredients: Black tea from India